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 I am Dr Sarita G, faculty of the English Department, Government College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram. I have a teaching experience spanning over 15 years in various colleges in Kerala. I was awarded a Ph.D. degree in English by the University of Kerala for my work on the politics of gender in comics and graphic literature.  

I have always recognized the importance of tailoring lesson plans to meet the needs of students with various levels of learning and aptitude. However it was in the recent times that I discovered that researching new topic areas and maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge will not yield the desired results unless accompanied by a serious effort to utilize the latest technological developments and trends in the teaching field.

The enforced confinement necessitated by the Corona crisis gave me that final push to venture out into the cyber space to explore the possibilities of reaching out to my students. 

My goal is to ensure that learning continues without any disruption. The study materials have been designed in such a manner as to facilitate the easy comprehension of complex literary texts.  It is my hope that this website would enable the easy sharing of knowledge and foster a lifelong love for learning, as we adapt ourselves to this new world of isolation and social distancing. 

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